It’s Getting Warm

Hey everyone, good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here are a few notes on the progress this week.

Writing Progress:
This past weekend I finalized the important character references and story outline for the anthology piece for the Dukes of Harem group. I’ve settled on a title, Inn Too Deep. I managed to get a couple thousand words down and will continue writing it this week during my free time. I imagine I will have it completed before the end of the month, hopefully within the next two weeks. Once I am finished with it, I will self-edit and post it on Patreon. It will then go to Lauren, and I’ll upload the finished copy once I get it back from her.

Holy has started on the eight commissions I’ve scheduled with her. I have posted the first WIP on Patreon and will continue to post WIP’s until we get the final copy. There will be two versions: one clean and one not. That will be the same for all the lewd artwork.

Chloe has begun working on Alyndra’s character sheet which is scheduled to be completed this month. She is going to send me a cleaned up sketch sometime later today which I will post to Patreon and then to the public.

A Romp Across Iðna:
My hope is that this week we should have the majority of the auditions recorded. The due date is June 15th for all the VA’s. Once I get those, I will post a couple of RAW teasers of each person’s performance on Patreon. Currently we have Mimi’s up to listen. Leading up to the release, we’ll have more polished teasers released publicly for each episode as well as a meet the cast trailer for each of the VA’s that will be part of the first three episodes. I did get one audition back, which I was not happy with. As such, I have moved on to a new VA for the role of Erami. SultryLampVA will be performing this role and my hope is that she’ll knock it out of the park. Finally, I’m currently working with a freelance composer to create a bit of fantasy intro music that will play at the beginning of the episodes. I should have that back by Friday.

Just so everyone knows the determination of what success looks like for this project, for me to continue to make episodes on a monthly basis, I either need to see increased growth of Patreon subscribers on each episode release or hit a minimum of 200 hundred patrons by month three. That won’t recoup the total cost for me, but it will at least allow me to continue creating episodes while not eating into the revenue from my written works. If I don’t hit 200 by month three but I am seeing a significant jump on each episode, I’ll have to project how soon until I reach a break-even point to determine when I can release the next episode. Based upon the growth pattern of a similar project I’ve been following, I think this is totally obtainable.

I just put another cash infusion into the writing bank account to prepare for this, putting me back into the red on the writing endeavor. However, with all the content being created, I am having a ton of fun and hope you are too.

That’s it for me this week. It’s nice to be able to have a ton of content for you all that I am equally excited about. Thank you all once again for your continued support. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.