The Aspect: The Divine Terminus

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When all the gods are dead, who will fight for the innocent?


The plane of endless horrors has been destroyed, but Tempest’s return as a hero is short-lived. The dragon queen, driven mad by loss, has seized the planet’s arsenal of magical artifacts which she seeks to turn against Tempest and the world.


With no time for respite, Tempest is called upon by one of the last gods remaining to stop the growing darkness building in the west. But before he can do that, he will have to travel the world reuniting with his most trusted companions, rebuild old alliances, and pay back old favors. For in this, the darkest of hours, a hero cannot stand alone.


This book contains explicit content and unconventional relationships.

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Ajax Lygan

Fantasy & sci-fi author specializing in isekai, monster girls, and haremlit

Ajax Lygan is a corpo by day and author by night. He is a fantasy and sci-fi writer who focuses on harem, monster girls, and high-stakes action.

Outside of writing, Ajax is a retired award winning cosplayer. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, playing a lot of video games, watching movies, and spending time with his wife and dog.

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