The Aspect: The Cessation’s Harbinger

A harem epic fantasy saga, The Aspect: The Cessation’s Harbinger is the second book in The Aspect series.

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Are you willing to save those who seek to destroy you?

Tempest traveled to the Firegrove and discovered he is The Aspect; however, the world does not work on the word of a secluded dryad queen, and the last thing the Iðnan Ruling Council wants is to give up their power.

Tempest must use his wits to survive the world of political espionage all while safeguarding himself from abductors, uprooting secret organizations, and defending the world from the growing threat of horrors that spawn from unknown planes.

While the burden of responsibility and loss weighs heavily on the man born to be its savior, he must lean on Riika, Ella, and a new band of allies and companions to defend the world from those who seek to destroy it.

This book contains harem elements and explicit content.

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