Ajax Lygan

Fantasy & sci-fi author specializing in isekai, monster girls, and haremlit

Ajax Lygan is a former corpo turned author. He is a fantasy and sci-fi writer who focuses on harem, monster girls, and high-stakes action.

Outside of writing, Ajax spends his spare time traveling, playing a lot of video games, watching movies, and spending time with his wife and dog.

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Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my bread and butter. However, I do have several erotica shorts scattered under different pen names. I have also written audio scripts for erotica audio featuring monster girls.


I actually prefer to absorb my books via audiobook rather than reading. However, I love comics and graphic novels. I have entire ikea shelves full of the things.


My wife and I are huge gamers. Our first date was playing castle crashers together. When I am not writing you'll likely find me online playing any genre of game except for platformers.


I love to travel. It's always been a goal to see as much as the world as I can. I've traveled to Europe and Asia multiple times. Some places I would like to visit include: New Zealand, Ireland, Egypt, Iceland, and Antarctica.


I am a huge movie buff. So much so, that after buying my first home, I built my own theater in the basement. Some of my favorite movies are: Dredd, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars


I am a retired award winning cosplayer, and by that I mean I won one best costume award and immediately retired. I participated in the hobby for many years, however, got burned out and decided to pursue other interests. This effectively started my professional writing career.