Happy July 4th!

Hey everyone! For those of you celebrating the fourth, I hope you had an awesome time. For those of you across the world, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Let’s jump into this week’s notes.

Writing Progress:
This past week I focused on A Romp episode 4 and Warhawk’s Amnesty’s outline. For the divine and up Patreon supporters, you’ll be able to see the full outline of the story, however, I’d caution against it due to heavy spoilers. I ran it by Lauren, my editor, who gave the go ahead, meaning there were no major flaws that she could see. I had planned on getting a few chapters released this weekend, however, that shifted due to my plans changing with A Romp. On that subject, my original plan was to release the first episode free. However, after listening to episode 2 I realized episode 1 was not only shorter but lacked the adventure part of the series that I really want to sell. This gave me the idea of releasing episodes 1-2 at the start of launch. To make this happen, I needed to try to get episode 4 ready to go. I finished writing and editing it this weekend and sent it off to the team on Sunday. We’re basically in a holding pattern at this point to see if the cast can get episode 4 completed in the next week for us to hit a mid-July launch date. If they can’t, then I’m going to go with the original plan of just launching with episode 1. That would mean a potential launch this week. Either way, you all will have at least 1-2 extra episodes on Patreon depending on which tier.

I got an update from the original artist who was going to do the cover from A Romp. I’m going to hold off on posting that one because I’ll probably use it for a separate project later down the line. Holy is still hard at work on Ella’s art, and Chloe will be providing us with Kasta’s character sheet this month.

Warhawk’s Amnesty:
I want to let everyone know a shift in plans on this series. Since I am trying to migrate away from Amazon a bit and want to build up a larger fanbase, I am planning on releasing Warhawk’s Amnesty for free instead of throwing it up on Amazon Vella. My plan is to give Patreon supporters access to more chapters ahead of public release to draw more support here. If I can make this series work in a serialized fashion and have the traction from A Romp, we should be in a superb spot. Because of this, I had to set up an account on Royal Road as I’ll be posting the free chapters there, Reddit, and AO3. I’m hoping to have a few chapters done this week available on Patreon, with Chapter 1 freely available sometime next week.

A Romp Across Iðna:
The biggest revelation for A Romp this past week was the teaser trailer that went live. We got some great impressions from the usual groups, and I heard from many people that they are excited to see what the show has to offer. To prepare for the launch, I set up the podcasting site and RSS feed, so when an episode goes live to the public, it will get pushed out to all the major platforms. For a comprehensive list, the show will be available on Spotify, Audible, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Podbean, Iheartradio, Playerfm, Listennotes, Stitcher, and Deezer. When the first episode goes live, I’ll publish links to each and you can follow along if you’re a podcast listener. Patreon supporters will have access to the episodes on Patreon before anyone else. Episodes 2 & 3 are scheduled to be done this week, so you all have that to look forward to.

All right, that’s it for me this week. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!