Back to Back Releases

Hey everyone, good morning! For those of you that celebrated a holiday on Monday, I hope you had a good long weekend. Mine was super busy but also extremely exciting, so let’s jump into the news for the week.

Writing Progress:
Lots of things happened here over the weekend so let’s start with Book 3, The Aspect: Escape From Chernobog. I made a post late last week that I had received the edited copy of the manuscript back from Lauren. I was extremely happy with her work. I also received my final beta feedback which was positive. Outside of a few areas where I just needed to add some more context, there wasn’t a lot more that I needed to do. What took so long was getting the topography back. I’ve received it back this morning and uploaded the manuscript to Amazon as of 30 minutes ago, so we should see the book live later today.

When it comes to actual writing, I have posted the “A Romp Across Iðna” prompts on Patreon. These are the second point of view scripts that will be narrated by Rebecca Woods and a few other voice actors and actresses. What’s not uploaded is the NSFW scripts that occur immediately after the prompts. The majority of my weekend was finalizing all six scripts, editing them, cleaning them up, and then working on the production aspects of the series which I will get into in a little bit.

Now that those scripts are completed, my focus will be on the anthology project as part of the Dukes of Harem group. The prompt follows a small group of retired adventurers who have set up a tavern. When trouble comes knocking at their front door, they have to make the hard decision of revealing their identities and maintaining a low profile or letting them be walked over by local thugs. That decision is compounded by the difficulty of running their own business, and the stresses involved with that.

Art and Audio:
Chloe came through last week with the cover for book 3, which you all should have seen by now. I am thrilled with how Yora and Queen Kasta came out. The next item from Chloe should be Queen Alyndra’s character sheet, which should be out in May. For the NSFW art, we’ll have Riika up first from Holy. She will begin working on the backlist of characters this month. The order of the list is as follows: Riika, Ella, Saigra, Sophia, Alyndra, Kasta, Yora, and Zix. These will be released 1-2 per month depending on how quickly Holy gets through them.

A Romp Across Iðna:
This is the major project that has the majority of my attention. Oh man guys and gals, I am so excited for this you don’t even know. The more progress we make, the more I am kept up at night just thinking about it. I spent a lot of time this week finalizing the auditions and choosing who was going to get which role. With the casting and scripts finalized, we’re now in full production. Here is the timeline for production:
-May 31st script finalization and sending to performers
-June 1 – June 15 audio submissions by the performers
-June 15 is audio finalization via the audio engineer
-??? Release date. Currently, we’re thinking end of June early July.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the cast. Here’s who we have locked in and pending for each role:
-Narration performed by: Rebecca Woods
-Your father and Sheriff Montigue (grand katzen) performed by: BoshidoBlasta
-Freyna- your childhood best friend (elf) performed by: LadyEliseVA
-Lady Raxa- your confident and firm employer – (wulven) performed by: EndymionVA
-Erami – hostess of Marybeth’s (centauress) performed by: SexySilverSTAR
-Talia – confident working girl (minotauress) performed by: JustTheQueenie (pending)
-Adalina – bright and poppy trickster (fae) performed by: Mimi Hung
-Audio engineering: BoshidoBlasta
-Written and produced by: Ajax Lygan

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of great performers with a stacked cast. I have even been reached out to by other VA’s expressing interest in the project. I am hopeful that with the Patreon growth, we’ll be able to provide more episodes. You should consider the first three episodes, the pilot episodes. Speaking of that, let’s talk about the project’s long-term plans. 

It should come as no surprise that these episodes are expensive. I’ll not go into specific numbers but depending on the number of performers, the episodes cost multiple thousands of dollars each. I also have to balance not making the episodes too long, otherwise, it drastically increases the costs. However, if the community enjoys this content and I can afford to do it, I want to continue to do them. I think this is something that will be really great for the community and bring in new blood to our genre. 

I have planned out episodes into individual seasons. With each season being 10-12 episodes. Basically, a years worth of content or half a year depending on how fast production can go. Right now I am shooting for 1 episode a month, but if it’s possible, I’d like to increase that to 2. 

Season 1 will follow you, the MC, traveling to Halairim/The Academy to learn more about the amulet involved in your father’s unexpected death. Season 2 will be your time at The Academy. This is a prequel to The Aspect series, so you should expect to run into some of the characters of the books. Having Rebecca as part of this project makes all that possible. Just don’t expect to sleep your with your favorite waifu, but I promise there will be plenty of that throughout the episodes. You’ll just have to wait and see 😉

That’s it for me this week. Hopefully everything outlined above excites you. I know it excites me. I hope you all have a great week ahead!