The Aspect: The Complete Series

A harem epic fantasy saga, The Aspect: The Completed series encompasses the entire tetralogy of The Aspect series.

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The Aspect: The Complete Series is the culmination of the four books in The Aspect Series.

Follow Tempest’s journey of self-discovery in a threatening world of savage beasts and unknown horrors from cross-dimensional planes.

Once he discovers his true identity and purpose, he’ll be thrust into the world’s political center, deciding the fate of thousands of souls.

But he will not do it alone. He’ll surround himself with beautiful allies who’ll fight at his side to support his cause.

However, assassins, political rivals, and even the gods themselves look to thwart any change to the status quo.

This set includes the following books:

  • The Aspect: Journey to the Firegrove
  • The Aspect: The Cessation’s Harbinger
  • The Aspect: Escape From Chernobog
  • The Aspect: The Divine Terminus



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