Warhawk’s Ultimatum

A space opera harem adventure, Warhawk’s Ultimatum is a sci-fi series available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Available Now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited


One job. Just one more job.

Seb thought he had it all: a dream ship, a crew of beautiful women, and enough credits to get them by. All he had to do was work for the very corporation that caused his incarceration ten years ago.

His dream quickly becomes a nightmare thanks to his new boss’s demands. But with war breaking out across the galaxy, Seb gets a unique opportunity to free himself from his employer’s yoke. One last impossible job—find a way to turn the tide of war.

Seb and his crew will travel all over the galaxy, crash eccentric parties of the elite, and explore ancient ruins. But the journey won’t be without peril, as bounty hunters pursue the reward still on Seb’s head.

This book contains explicit content and unconventional relationships. 


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