Looking Back – Book 3 Launch

Hey All,

I hope you had a great weekend. I got to enjoy some time spent with friends that I haven’t seen in months? Years? Now that everyone is vaccinated, it’s nice to be able to have people over to the house. I got to enjoy some homemade brunch and mimosas on this hot ass morning. It was pretty great, but I am stuffed. Anyway, let’s jump into this week’s topic.

Book 3 and book 2 audiobook launch in review:
I wanted to start this week’s summary with a discussion on how book 3 has performed so far. We’re now two weeks after launch and it’s performed about how I expected it to perform. I expected it to review well, but not necessarily sell like hot cakes. It’s not performing as well as book 2, but the visibility is pushing up sales for the other two books. It’s common for the later books of a series to push up the first with each new release. Right now, book 3 is selling decently, pushing up book 1, followed by book 2. I’ve never been in this about the money, more along the lines of “if it happens it happens.” As long as a book makes its money back, I am pretty happy with that. Book 3 looks like it will make its money back by the end of the month which is ideal.

Now where I have done really well is in audio. I attribute a lot of that to Rebecca’s awesome performances, and the better market for audiobooks. I’m an audio listener first so it has always been my goal to have my written work translated into audio form. It’s why A Romp will be an audio exclusive. It can be interpreted as me investing more where I am seeing the largest return. Now, that’s not always the case, since I am about to release a Sci-Fi series which historically does worse than fantasy, however, back to my original point, my primary motivator is to release the stories I want to tell and hope that others enjoy them.

Writing Progress:
I did not get as much writing done this week as I had originally planned. I thought I was going to have a full day today, but as I wrote earlier, I got a surprise visit from friends. However, I am not worried about missing the deadline of getting the three chapters done by the end of the month. Chapter 1 is up for patrons to read. I’ll start working on Chapter 2 tonight and continuing through the week.

Once I am finished with Inn Too Deep, I am probably going to take a short break to finalize the world building for Warhawk’s Amnesty. Please check out the factions for the series and let me know what you think! Feel free to leave any comments you have. If you’d like to see something different or if something is a bit too bland, let me know. https://docs.google.com/…/1oyvdAdxW93apQ0SG0AlB…/edit…

No updates on this front. Just to remind everyone of what’s pending this month: Alyndra’s character sheet due end of month, Riika’s lewd art due end of month, and A Romp’s cover art which is due by 06/20.

A Romp Across Iðna:
Lots of good updates from this side this week. I’ve added the sample of the intro music to Patreon and everyone seemed to like that. I’ve received the narration of episodes 1-3 from Rebecca. I have added a sample of it to Patreon as an early access item. This should give you an idea of how Rebecca narrated the episodes in the second point of view. There will be trailers released ahead of time, I am thinking a week or so before the release of episode 1. I’ve gotten the commitment from the other VA’s that everyone will have their recordings in on time. The final due date is today. I also set up the podcast accounts for the series this week to prepare for everything being finished. Once I get the cover art, I can start finishing the website links and move everything over, then all that will be left is upload, publish, and announce!

That’s it for me this week. Have a great week everybody.