The Aspect: Journey to the Firegrove

A harem epic fantasy saga, The Aspect: Journey to the Firegrove is the first book in The Aspect series. It follows Tempest, Riika, and Ella on their journey to discover who and what Tempest is. Their journey leads them across the world of Iðna dealing with the dangers of the world along the way.

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The choices you make define the person you become.

A man wakes up alone in the rain and with no memory of who he is. He soon falls prey to a hungry goblin tribe.

After escaping with his life thanks to the help of a beautifully powerful orc huntress, the pair find themselves on the wrong side of the law when the man releases a magical explosion nearly killing a dozen bar patrons.

With no options available to them, the pair turns to a graceful vulpine alchemist and former lover of the orc huntress to unravel the mystery of the man’s powers and existence. They will need their wits and each other to overcome a perilous journey of murderous bandits, corrupted queens, and unknown horrors spawning from magical portals.

This book contains harem elements and explicit content. 

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