Supplying Supers: Origins

A harem superhero story, Supplying Supers: Origins follows Gunner Webb as he investigates someone killing his superhero clients.

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What’s More Powerful Than a Team of Supers? The Guy Pulling the Reins.

Gunner Webb is a fixer for a private clientele of supers, politicians, and celebrities. A position that has afforded him a life of luxury, including a beautifully lethal assistant to help him run it all.

After several clients are found dead through ritualistic means, it’s all hushed by the Supers Oversight Committee. An act he can’t ignore when the deaths hint at a secret of his past. To reveal the truth, Gunner must build his own team of femme fatales and alluring occultists.

He’ll lead them on an investigation that will have them searching through old villain safe houses, clashing against the most powerful supers alive, and sending them across supernatural planes that hold untold secrets to the existence of super heroes.

And should they fail? He’ll show them his ultimate secret, the origin behind his name.

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