Preparing for the Blitz

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great week. I have a couple of updates for you, which you can find below!

Writing Progress:
I’ll be starting Chapter 10 of The Aspect Book 3 this week and continuing to write throughout the weekend. This weekend will be the start of my vacation, which I will spend getting some solid writing done every day. My hope is to be past the 3/4 mark of completion by the end of it. Based on how my writing is going, that seems very doable. It should put me in a great spot and I may, MAY, finish this one earlier than planned. It all depends on how next week goes. I will not be posting an update next Monday unless I get some fun stuff to share with you (art related). Once I finish book 3, it will follow the same process I used for book 2. That involves sending it to the editor first and then submitting to the beta readers for feedback.

I should receive Saïgra’s and Sophia’s character sheets sometime next week. Once I have those, I will send them out via the newsletter, post them on the website, and share them on social media. I also sent Chloe the idea for book 3’s cover. Just like the first two, there will be two new harem members on the cover. One is someone you probably can guess if you’ve read book 2. Another is one that is introduced in book 3. The new character goes through a lot in the book, is a lot of fun, and has a ton of spunk, but isn’t quite as crazy as the other short member of the group. I know it was kind of up in the air from last week’s post, but it is confirmed that Alyndra’s character sheet will get pushed back to a later date so Chloe can prioritize book 3’s cover. I have also started discussions with multiple artists last week for content for the next series. I’ve settled on two artists who will design the ship and deck plans. They are getting started this week. Then I have settled on two artists for the cover art. One I have heard from, and the other I will hear from when they have an opening in mid-April. Hopefully, I’ll have two covers to share with you in May.

For those of you who wish to support me further, I wanted to update you on the Patreon. The page is currently under review and should be set to go live sometime this week. I am planning on adding content as we go. I do not plan on setting any specific tiers. It will be pay what you want. I believe the minimum allowed by Patreon is $1. This is not at all required or expected. It’s just an option for those of you who would like to support me further. The only thing you are getting is earlier access to things. All the content there will eventually find its way freely available or up on Amazon.

That’s it for me this week, but I did want to leave you all with something I have been working on. This is an early WIP of the galactic political map of the next series. The names, shapes, and locations may change. I have a lot of cool ideas for this series, so I hope it does well. I hope you all have a great week.

Galactic Map WIP