One Rough Week

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Below is the update for this week.

Weekly Progress:
I finished chapters 18 and 19 last week. I was hoping to finish chapter 20, however, as the title suggests, I had a pretty rough week last week. To share a bit of too much information, my dog was spraying out of both ends, resulting in us having to rush her to the emergency room at 3am not leaving until about 10. Luckily she’s doing a lot better now. I also changed work shifts last week to help cover for a coworker who just left for paternity leave. I thought this was going to be okay, and I would not lose momentum, however, I did not get as much done as I wanted to. Yesterday, I was also informed my editor will be unable to edit book 3 given she just had a baby and cannot meet the deadline. It’s a bummer because I enjoy working with her, but I’m scrambling to find a replacement. On to the good news: I’m hopeful I’ll have chapter 20 finished in the next few days, and then I can start working on my corrections. Once those are finished, I’ll be uploading it on to Patreon for you all to give me your feedback. I am also in communication with a couple of different editors who are interested in working with me. I’m sending them the first chapter of book 3 to see if we mesh well.

Art & Audiobook:
Chloe and I finalized the remaining art timetable for all of the remaining art for The Aspect Series. It’s going to be as follows:
-Aspect Book 3 Cover – May
-Alyndra Character Sheet – June
-Kasta Character Sheet – July
-Yora Character Sheet – August
-Aspect Book 4 Cover: August/September
-Zix Character Sheet – September/October
For the upcoming Sci-Fi series, I am working with two different artists on the covers. Both do NSFW art, and if the series does well, the plan is to have them do NSFW art for each of the characters along with character sheets. More to come on this in the future. There are no current updates on the audiobook for book 2. I imagine recording has started, however, I’ll keep you all updated on any progress. Once book 3 is complete, I’ll be working with Rebecca to schedule the audiobook for that as well.

Future Plans:
I want to outline what my current intentions are now that Aspect Book 3 is almost finished. I believe it would be a poor choice for me to stop writing the Aspect while focusing my time entirely on the upcoming sci-fi series. With the news of Amazon Vella, my plan is to split my focus while writing both. I think for the sci-fi opera I have in mind, serialization would be a good way to release ongoing chapters while also finishing up the Aspect. It will also keep me on a better timetable for releases. The sci-fi series will be available both on Patreon and Amazon Vella with releases at least once per week. I’m going to use this as a test to see how things go and if I can work it into my workflow. If the experiment fails, then I’ll shift gears, focus on the sci-fi book to finish it, and then put all my effort into Aspect Book 4. This will start in April. I’m going to spend the few weeks in May after I finish Book 3 this week, starting the audio scripts that I spoke of previously. Those don’t take long at all, and once those are finished, I’ll be sourcing those off to voice actors I have in mind. As always, if anything changes, I’ll keep you all up to date on the latest.

It’s going to be a busy start to the summer, but I am excited about all the new content. I hope you are too. That’s it for me this week. I hope you all have a great week ahead!