Heading into the Holiday and Ella Art

Hi all! I hope you are doing well. Below is a personal note from me, weekly progress and rounding things off with some new Ella artwork.

Personal Note:
Until covid impacting everyone around the world, my wife and I were known as the hangout house. We would consistently have people over for food, games, and movie nights almost weekly. The last big event we had was in February for my wife’s birthday. Normally around this time we would invite all of our friends over for a friendsgiving. This weekend we didn’t have that, we just made meals for everyone in the household and spent some time together playing card games. The reason why I bring this up is that covid has impacted everyone in some shape or form. Living in the states, I have had family, close friends, and employees who have contracted the virus. It’s been a hard year for many so I just wanted to put out a word to hold your loved one’s close, give those friends a call you haven’t talked to in a while, and try to be thankful for anything that may have gone right this year. And if nothing has, then I’ll join you in saying fuck 2020 and I wish you and yours the best in 2021.

Writing Update:
I wrapped tonight’s writing session ending in the middle of chapter 12. I did not get as far as I had hoped, however, I’m still ahead of NaNoWriMo this year and on track for my release date of early Q1. Another thing I wanted to talk about was the book 1 cover. When I originally designed the cover for the artist I was going for a more action packed aesthetic. However, in doing so it may have deterred some people from reading the book as a harem. Many of the authors in this genre have given me advice that I should redo the cover, and I plan on taking that advice. As of a few hours ago, I have reached out to the artist who did the original cover and asked for something that is more geared and sets the expectations for something in the harem genre. I’ll have more on that in the upcoming weeks.

Ella Art:
I just received the character reference sheet for Ella in book 1 and the subsequent standalone images for her. You can see them each below:

Ella Concept Art & Reference Sheet

Ella defending her armor choices
Ella volunteering to watch Riika
Ella informing Tempest now is not the right time for such activities.

That’s it for me this week. I will be working next week during Thanksgiving and the day after. For those in the USA, have a wonderful holiday, for everyone else in the world I hope you have a wonderful week!