Book 2 Post Launch

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This is a light week this week, but I didn’t want to go without giving you all an update.

Book 2 Launch:
If you didn’t see last week or hear the news, The Aspect: The Cessation’s Harbinger launched last week. You can find it here on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited: Along with book 2’s launch, book 1 received an updated cover to match. If you have read book 1 or book 2, please consider reviewing them on Amazon and Goodreads. They can literally make or break a series.

Writing Progress:
This week was rather slow regarding progress, mainly because of my own decisiveness on what to work on next. I have written the first chapter of book 3, but because I was uncertain of how well book 2 was going to do, I decided to wait and see how this week went before committing myself 100% to book 3. This gave me an opportunity to continue to work on an outline for another book which will go into the archive, and hopefully be something that releases later this year. I also had some fun creating a few new races and major characters for book 2. One race were subtly hinted at near the end of book 2, and will play a major role in book 3. All that being said, I am thrilled with how well book 2 is being reviewed, and I am going to commit to working on book 3 with all of my free time starting this upcoming week. Once book 3 is finished, my plan is to release book 3 and then book 1 for a new series, alternating with The Aspect until its conclusion.

The audiobook for book 1 is still in Amazon’s hands for QA. It will probably not release until March at the earliest. However, I do have good news. Rebecca Woods has signed on and committed to book 2. Recording for book 2 will conclude by the end of April so that would be probably be looking at a June release at the earliest. I wish there was a way for these to both be profitable and still get them to you all sooner. Unfortunately, all other options I have looked into are not profitable for a small author such as myself.

That’s it for me this week. I hope you all have a great week. Stay warm, and stay safe.